After nearly a decade at the University of Florida as a creative leader and brand strategist, it’s time to charge ahead to new challenges and put my UF experiences to good use. I’m excited and thrilled to announce MetaVisual is my full-time home once again, making 2020 my 28th year in Gainesville as a creative professional and design leader. 

What will MetaVisual focus on moving forward?

MetaVisual will continue to partner with companies, startups and organizations to design visual systems for branding and marketing, but a growing demand for design thinking training and strategic creativity master classes led me to a new “Why?” for MetaVisual. My work the last few years as a senior creative director and faculty lecturer at UF have focused on the nature of creativity and how to facilitate the mindsets, perspectives, tools and behaviors that result in fresh thinking and creative breakthroughs. More importantly, how to take the creative process and make it a strategic asset. That’s what MetaVisual is adding to the mix.

Imagine a design studio that can create magic from powerful ideas, and is willing to teach you and your team how to be more creative with your thinking.

It’s an industry “rule" I realized no-one had been willing to break. When most agencies would fear making themselves obsolete by pulling back the curtain and revealing their secrets for big thinking, we’re embracing it. Why? In my experience, empowering others and unlocking the creative potential in people, teams and organizations not only elevates the quality and impact of the work, it makes for the kinds of trust-based partnerships that last. 

How can MetaVisual meet my needs?

We work with the agencies, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, founders and executives behind teams seeking to achieve their best and most creative work. While we’re not appropriate for every project large or small, MetaVisual can be uniquely valuable as a creative partner in many situations:


  • Branding/Logo/Visual identity work
  • Marketing / Advertising campaign creative 
  • Visual communications with exceptional execution and strategic purpose
  • Creative rocket fuel


  • When it’s time to innovate and build new ideas for yourself, your organization or your clients and you need an objective expert facilitator
  • When your project team can benefit from creative counsel: a strategic partner who can advocate, collaborate, guide and contribute as needed 
  • When your organization wants to establish or strengthen a culture of creativity & innovation with professional development or a keynote presentation

Life’s too short – so we're committed to living one of our key values in 2020: creating great work in collaboration with amazing people. If our new emphasis on strategic creative services and consulting feels like a fit for the needs of your organization, team or project, we would love to learn more.

Photo Illustration: John Jernigan with Jim Harrison