As a designer, when your intuition taps you on the shoulder and says "Can't put our finger on it yet, but there's something familiar here in what you're doing"... You've got to step back and listen. Work the problem. Make sure you're pursuing uniqueness that's relevant to the client/brief. Look how Peloton smartly evoked cycling though their mark, and Grip 6 is just lazily using a borrowed motif without trying much to incorporate what they do/sell. 

I'm not implying the Grip 6 designer was plagiarizing -- we've all got tens of thousands of pieces of visual flotsam and jetsam floating in our minds at any given time, and some things we think are brilliant and original are just re-interpretations of visual memories our subconscious is pushing on us. The key is to reinterpret and repurpose what we notice in the world through the lens of how it can additionally carry meaning for our clients. THIS is the key to borrowing what you see in the world without stealing it outright. You have to be able to re-express some portion of it with new or additional meaning/purpose.