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INTERSECTIONS: What The Humanities Can Teach Us About the World's Most Pressing Issues


How can classical studies help us understand today's complex issues? The award of a $400,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to UF's College of Liberal Arts & Sciences is bringing students and faculty together across disciplines to use the Humanities as a lens through which to interpret several "grand challenge" questions, such as: 

• How do Black and Latinx people shape global & local
 politics, and economies?
• How can we engage ethical issues in public life?
• What would the world look like without
      mass incarceration?

• How do technologies influence our lives, then and now? 

MetaVisual was asked to interpret the complex intersection of these concepts in a series of editorial illustrations for the cover and feature article of the Spring 2020 issue of YTORI, the College's semi-annual magazine. Using a digital collage approach with modern graphic elements and photography from the Metropolitan Museum's collection of antiquities and other public domain sources, this series of visual compositions explores the grand challenge questions posed by the Mellon grant's scope, as well as other modern topics.

Photography courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art, Heritage Auctions, iStock, Unsplash.com.

It's the rare assignment that is so rich with ideas that we are compelled to keep going, to explore what else we can express. 

In building these illustrations around such compelling questions, we couldn't help but wonder what other grand challenges we could explore. Themes of gender and cultural identity, women's issues, moral/ethical choices emerged. We are happy to share them here. 

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