Here’s the secret to attracting your audience’s attention and getting results:

When people are emotionally engaged by your messages and desire more information, they have a much higher – an exponentially higher — chance of actually making decisions based on it. If someone isn’t engaged by your messages, then it’s safe to say they’re only being bombarded by unsolicited communications you haven’t helped them care about.

Thankfully what’s in our great favor is that we know from studies — peer-reviewed, empirical research, I might add – that the human animal is hard wired to make choices based on emotion.  Engineers and scientists might disagree, but we use data to JUSTIFY and validate what our hearts and guts are guiding us towards in nearly every situation in our lives, great or small. Push the button, buy the car, register to vote, choose the restaurant, sign the mortgage, apply to a school, make a donation, invest the time, spend the money —

So here’s the key to remember for making what you have to say powerful:

We all make decisions informed by the information around us, but GUIDED by the feelings within us.

Establishing a foundation for strategic communications that engage first and convey valuable information second is the most direct way you can reinforce the emotional components of a strong brand.

That means staying human-centered and audience-focused with constant empathy. It means suppressing the urge (or your client's urge) to lead with features and benefits and materials and innovation and me me me. And most importantly, it means putting users' needs, wants and motivations FIRST.

Because at the end of the day, one of the biggest nuggets of communications wisdom can be the hardest to believe:

"No one really cares how clever you are. They're too busy asking themselves why they should care about what you have to say".

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