Unlock Strategic Creativity with Forward Thinking

Generate fresh thinking and implement new, powerful ideas – as you learn to align creativity with strategy in an engaging masterclass with Jim Harrison, award-winning design thinker and Creative Director for the University of Florida.

Whether it’s articulating big challenges in ways that inspire and motivate your team, getting creative in a group, or strengthening ideas as you prepare to present or execute them – Jim's Forward Thinking masterclass will help you elevate the quality and impact of your work by unlocking the creative potential in people, teams and organizations.

Three Format Options 

Keynote Presentation + Discussion 

1-2 hours of thought provoking conversation and discussion for groups of 30 to 300+ that will leave your attendees inspired and ready to get creative.

Half-day Masterclass

A morning or afternoon session allows for great exploration of tools and mindsets for creativity, and also leaves time to get more hands-on with exercises and activities. 

Full-day Masterclass

A robust morning session is followed by an inspiring afternoon of using your new tools and techniques on real-world scenarios, and even some of your team's current challenges! 

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From Our Colleagues & Clients


"Jim personifies the idea of strategic creativity—the ability to imagine new possibilities while also having the professional discipline and skills to zero in on the best thinking and gain traction for fresh ideas.  As a great collaborator who brings his best effort while also making space for others’ input, honoring their ideas, and creating synergies, Jim has a multiplying effect on any group in which he participates.  As a dynamic facilitator, Jim uses a wide range of meaningful and memorable exercises that help participants achieve their goals with greater efficiency and impact.  I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jim—he will certainly help improve your performance.”

Assistant Director
University of Florida Training & Organizational Development


“Holding a workshop with Jim Harrison gives your team a shot of Vitamin “C”. It’s like having a personal muse, a creative training and conditioning coach and an inspirational mentor all rolled into one. He humbly establishes credibility and gains trust in a way that opens our minds and stirs our creative instincts. His style is professional, approachable and engaging. Instead of an outside consultant, it felt as if a new team member had joined us for the day and shared best practices that made us think differently.
From his roots as an artist to decades as a professional designer to his leadership role at The University of Florida, Jim draws from a deep well of experience. He has impressed me in each of these capacities throughout my career and I was so pleased to share his expertise with our communications team.”
VP Corporate Marketing & Communication


"With loads of experience, an unstoppably innovative mind, and a warm, friendly personality, Jim adds value to the PHOS team every time we bring him in. Our people walk away inspired with actionable content and ideas to serve a wide variety of challenges and projects. Jim is an indispensable resource to the team at PHOS Creative and our community.”
CEO & Founder
Phos Creative




Every visual communicator has a responsibility to ask the question “Does my work add to this community in a meaningful, lasting way? Should it? Can it?” For almost 30 years I have worked to celebrate Gainesville and its thriving community with my work. Let's collaborate.

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