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Why MetaVisual?

I chose the name MetaVisual in 2007 to suggest that there is more to the world of graphics than what we see. Just as the metaphysical lies beyond what we experience, MetaVisual was founded upon the deep belief that the discipline of design has a fundamental responsibility to integrate meaning and strategy with visual expression. For nearly 30 years I have pursued client relationships and opportunities that align with this purpose, and in the process have enjoyed the reward of supporting a host of businesses, entrepreneurs and startups – and building many enduring personal relationships along the way. While I engage in regional and national projects as a creative strategist, and even after nearly 10 years as a creative director for the University of Florida – MetaVisual has continued to exist as the manifestation of my commitment to Gainesville, FL where I've lived since 1986, and its remarkable potential. I’m proud the legacy I leave will be linked forever to this place. 

If your communications strategies need to be more creative, if your brand identity needs to be shaped and visualized – if your organization needs training to unlock its creative potential, we’d love to hear from you.

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Jim is an award-winning communicator, graphic designer, visual artist and former Senior Creative Director and Faculty Lecturer at the University of Florida. An IDEO certified Leader for Creativity and IBM Certified Enterprise Design Thinker, Jim regularly supports teams in pursuit of their best work, helping them use creative mindsets to solve tough challenges.

As Creative Director for UF he was instrumental in guiding strategic creative efforts for the University's $4billion brand within the department of University Relations, as well as assisting other units across campus with their strategic branding, communications and design efforts. From 2016-2019 he lead creative strategy at The Agency, an integrated communications firm within the College of Journalism and Communications. He has also spent time as an adjunct instructor of upper-division Graphic Design at the UF College of the Arts, and has taught design thinking for UF’s Innovation Academy. 

In 2017 Jim was offered a promotion to a Faculty Lecturer in the College of Journalism and Communications. As faculty, he designed a course on understanding and applying the psychology of creativity to bridge the gap between ideas and strategy. In 2019 with UF's Human Resources Department and College of the Arts, he co-created and launched the Academy of Strategic Creativity, a 6-month professional development curriculum for UF faculty, staff and leaders.

A designer and creative director in Gainesville for over 25 years, Jim founded the design studio MetaVisual in 2007, and is perhaps best known locally for the Gainesville Fruit Company - a series of designs inspired by vintage produce labels and featuring the city's most beloved landmarks. His graphic work, featured in multiple solo gallery exhibitions, has won numerous Gold and Best in Show ADDY awards, and is in the collection of the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division. He is a past recipient of a prestigious SAPPI Paper “Ideas That Matter” grant, and the founding Vice-President of AIGA Gainesville — the local chapter of the professional association for design.

Over the course of his career, Jim has worked with a diverse group of local, regional, national and global brands including Proctor & Gamble, McDonalds, Experiencias Xcaret, Marvel Comics, Mars Chocolate, Exactech, the University of Florida and many others

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