Exactech: Brand Identity


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photo Direction
Brand Identity, Logo, Collateral & Advertising Design 
Promotional Copywriting

Photography: Allen Cheuvront, John Jernigan

A sweeping, comprehensive brand identity for medical device manufacturer Exactech was the result of a long collaboration of 15+ years while serving with Nick Decarlis of DECA Design that continued with MetaVisual. All aspects of the creative process were managed for this client, from strategic planning, sub-branding, collateral design, annual reports, photo direction, packaging and promotional materials. Publicly traded and steadily growing since it’s founding in 1985, Exactech is the textbook definition of a great client: Committed to quality and integrity, constantly innovating it’s products, and invested in the design process as an essential tool for growing and focusing its brand.

In an indistry filled with competitive materials showcasing x-rays, research data and bloody surgical photos, we established a visual system for Exactech based on the elegance of engineering based on natural human anatomy. Colors and visual approaches were chosen to be inviting and relatable -- as opposed to the clinical feel of most medical device marketing.