Hogtown Version 2

Gainesville’s nickname isn’t actually a nickname at all. Hogtown was once a small trading post specializing in livestock during the mid 1800’s, until a railroad was proposed between Fernandina and Cedar Key. In 1853 Alachua county residents voted to rename the new stop on the railroad line, and Gainesville was born in honor of Seminole Indian War General Edmund P. Gaines.

I wanted this alternate design to have a sense of sunshine and water, as well as a literal depth to the typography which could hint at a depth of the experiences to be found here. I had been carrying this basic image in my mind for some time, and I intentionally left it for last, so that the final design would be a return to Hogtown — the subject of the very first print in 2004. It turned out exactly as I had hoped, which was a relief because it felt right to come full circle before fully embracing the decision to end the series.